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UPP v2.21 Build 2015.05.08

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What is UPP?
UPP (Ultra Protection Project) is an advanced script for mIRC created by KyD. It contains countless useful features, including a file server with firewall support, fail queue support, multiple channel protections, theme support, and much much more. It is highly customizable and will probably be the last script you'll ever need. ^_^.
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News » Archive
xx A minor update
May 04, 2015, 01:21:56 PM by KyD

Todays marks the release of UPP v2.21. The reason for this release is that I had a recent report of a bug with the queues dialog that was causing mIRC to crash. The current update also includes some other minor fixes. No new stuff. I first wanted to see if my release scripts and the /live_update functionality still work and apparently they do.

You may note that this version of UPP still comes bundled with mIRC v6.35. Since I haven't yet fully dug into the changelog of mIRC 7, I can't say that it is fully supported. However, people that use UPP with mIRC 7 have told me that they haven't experienced any errors. So use with mIRC 7 at your own risk (bug reports are appreciated).

I apologize for the script being on "maintenance mode" for the past couple of years and for not checking these forums very regularly. As for the future of UPP, it's a safe bet to not expect major new features anymore. However, I will continue to try and fix bugs, keep the functionality of the script working as it has, and perhaps implement some small features here and there. I also still hang around on channel #upp on, trying to help people with their UPP script issues. So if you have pressing questions, bug reports, or feature requests, you can find us there.

xx UPP 2.20 is here!
January 09, 2010, 04:58:47 PM by KyD

It's been a while
A quick recap of what has been happening the past years. The last official release of UPP was dated 28th January, 2005. I pretty much took a 3 year break from scripting after that, but returned for some time in 2008. This is when I made UPP v2.10, build 2008.03.15. This build was never officially released however, as I felt it needed more testing. After another ~2 year hiatus, I resumed working on UPP near the end of 2009. After some hard work and rigorous testing, I can now release a new version of UPP.

So what's new?

Live Updates

  • UPP now features live updating functionality. All the script's files can be live updated (and are automatically reloaded), without requiring UPP to restart.
  • No more hassling with upp_update*.zip files. Once you're using UPP 2.20, updating is as easy as typing /live_update (make sure the updater module is loaded).
  • At the same time, the updater acts as a sanity check for the script's files. Did you delete any files by accident or did they get corrupted? The updater will restore them.
  • It's safe! Don't worry, UPP won't overwrite any of your settings -- nor will it overwrite backups, variables/users/servers files, bittorent configs, random kick text files, popups or the custom.mrc module.
  • You're in control! Before any files get updated, you get a confirmation dialog showing you exactly which files will be updated. Nothing is done without your explicit permission.

Full UTF Support

  • Whether you have a multibyte fserve trigger or just want your UTF mp3 tags to show up properly, it will work in UPP 2.20! Also, acros now supports multibyte texts, and the decryption module works with the different UTF window settings.
  • No more jibberish or ?????. Using a new "selective UTF encoding" technique, UPP only encodes those parts of a message that are invalid UTF. This is guaranteed to make your ads show up properly, regardless of the window display & encode setting.
  • The fileserver has been updated to fully support multibyte texts everywhere (multibyte fserve triggers, ad texts, @find requests, files, folders, caching, sends, queues, etc.).
  • The fileserver now even supports caching of non-multibyte UTF files and folders. This is done by retrieving the 8.3 filename notation. Not even the default mIRC fserve supports this!

Brought up to speed for 2010

  • Icons of the control panel have been updated to have a fresh Windows 7 look!
  • UPP 2.20 works with mIRC v6.35+, currently the latest version available. All code has been verified to work under Windows 7 and Vista (e.g. the /show aliases); new mIRC functionality has been incorporated in the scripts, deprecated uses removed.
  • The AMIP DLL has been updated so the mp3 system works with the latest mp3 players (winamp 2.x,3.x,5.x; foobar2000 0.9.x; itunes 4.7+, 5.x, 6.x, 7.x, 8.x).
  • The mp3 system setup has been fixed and tested to work under Windows 7 and Vista (yes, really!). Simply type /mp3setup and start listening!
  • Channel names starting with &, %, ! or + are now also accepted as valid channel prefixes (in addition to #).

Much, much more...

  • Faster and more responsive fserve caching. It shouldn't freeze up your mIRC anymore.
  • Improved usability. Modules in the module manager and items in the control panel now have declarative descriptions, so it is clear what their use is.
  • Autojoin has a prevent join/quit spam option. You can enable this option if you don't want to spam channels with join/quits when you keep disconnecting right after connecting -- it simply delays autojoin.
  • Fserve triggers can now be password protected and access can furthermore be restricted by priority level.
  • Implemented !myqueues command (sends dialog, commands tab), can be enabled/disabled per channel. Informs users of their queues/sends, works with all serving systems. Also added block options for !myqueues to the protection dialog (block tab).
  • Many, many bugfixes. I strongly recommend you go through the release history.
  • For a full list of all the 182+ changes since the last release, see the release history.

If you have any questions, need help setting stuff up, have suggestions, feature requests or found any bugs: /join #upp on -- you can find me there. I also welcome talented scripters to help develop UPP; leave a message, we'll talk.

xx mIRC script editor
February 10, 2008, 08:07:54 PM by KyD

See the post below for information about UPP & mIRC 6.31.

This post is a bit off-topic, as it isn't directly related to UPP, but anyways.

For all you scripters out there, I have something you might like. Scite is an open source text editor that allows programmers to program their own language support modules. Some time ago, I wrote a lexer for mIRCscript so that Scite can be used to edit mIRCscript files.

Here's a screenshot of the result:

Some features of this editor:
- folding
- autocomplete
- syntax highlighting
- calltips
- line highlighting
- brace matching/highlighting
- exporting highlighted code to html

Download it here! (source code of mIRCscript lexer included).

  • Remember to check `Monitor file changes' in the mirc script editor options, so that when you change a script using an external editor, mIRC will ask you to reload it.
  • For the full version of the program and the official source code, see the scintilla/scite website.
  • Read the included readme.txt.
  • I am aware of two bugs in the lexer, one is that not all regexes are properly highlighted, the other that some menu's are not properly folded.
  • Feel free to post any feedback in this thread.

xx mIRC 6.31, UTF and UPP
January 22, 2008, 09:58:10 PM by KyD

It's been a while since I have had the time to do anything about UPP, but Peorth kept bugging me to fix UTF support in UPP, so I did.

mIRC 6.31
First off, for those of you that like the UPP tray icon and such, I put a modified version of the mIRC 6.31 executable (mirc_upp.exe) online here.

For as far as I could test, everything still works with this version of mIRC. However, there are some new mIRC settings that are enabled by default and are slightly annoying:
  • mIRC 6.31 shows a treebar by default, if you don't like it, you can disable it (View -> uncheck `Treebar').
  • If you're running an fserve, you might want to disable `Flash on message' for chats (otherwise mIRC will start blinking every time someone enters your fileserver). This option is by default enabled when you upgrade to mIRC 6.31 (mIRC options -> IRC -> Options -> Flash on message -> uncheck `chat').
  • On some networks, UPP adds ChanServ/NickServ/etc. to the notify list to auto-identify when they come online. However, mIRC 6.31 by default shows a system tray balloon for notify status changes, which might be annoying. You can disable it of course (mIRC options -> Display -> Options -> Tips -> uncheck `notify').
  • Timestamping logs has been disabled by default, you can enable it in mIRC Options -> IRC -> Logging -> check `Timestamp logs'.

UTF support
Even if you were already using the mIRC 6.31 executable with UPP, UPP didn't decode UTF encoded messages (they showed up garbled instead), I'll first try to explain why and then say how you can fix it.

UTF decoding in mIRC is done per line, for the entire line that is shown in the window (timestamp, nickbrackets included). Encoding UTF means escaping high ASCII characters (>127), by putting a $chr(194) in front of them.

If mIRC sees an unescaped high ASCII character in the message (or in the timestamp/nickbrackets that are shown on the same line), mIRC will assume that the message is not UTF encoded, so the entire line is printed without UTF decoding. When all high ASCII values in the line are UTF-escaped, mIRC will assume UTF encoding was used, so the entire line is decoded.

So the timestamp/nickbrackets cannot contain high ASCII chars, escaping them won't work, since the line is not decoded (would show garbled) if the message contains unescaped high ASCII characters (which can for instance be sent by someone who doesn't encode outgoing messages in UTF).

The problem with UPP was that many of the default themes used high ASCII characters in the timestamp and nickbrackets, so messages could never be UTF decoded. To fix this, I made UTF compatible versions of the default_white and default_black themes, download them here:
The only change in these themes is that I specified a non-default timestamp that doesn't use any high ASCII (>127) characters, and removed high ASCII characters from the nickbrackets (nb, nbc and nbn aliases) as well. You can do the same to fix your own themes.

Even if you don't need to type UTF encoded yourself, I still recommend you use UTF compatible themes, so you can read other people's UTF encoded text (e.g., Japanese signs) properly. I also recommend for mIRC options -> IRC -> Messages, that you check all 6 checkboxes (SJIS/JIS conversion, Multibyte display, Mulitbyte editbox, UTF-8 display, Font linking, Parse ANSI codes). Since it can't hurt, even if you're not typing in UTF encoded.

If you do need to type with UTF encoding enabled, then you can enable it per window (or save it as default), using the /font command and setting UTF-8 to 'Display and encode'. Note that this implies that your text (if it contains high ASCII characters or actual encoded UTF characters) will look garbled on clients that do not support UTF decoding.

Future of UPP
As you probably know, I haven't released a new version of UPP in about 3 years now. My studies and other things have been keeping me busy.

That doesn't mean I haven't done anything about UPP; I have scripted a lot of things over the past years that I want to put out here. I just never got to releasing something because there's a lot of unfinished stuff in my working-copy, and a whole list of things that need testing before I can wrap things up.

So I do plan to create time for that and make one more release of UPP. I can't set a date for it, but expect it somewhere this year.

xx mIRC 6.21 [mIRC UPP patch release]
November 27, 2006, 07:06:03 PM by KingHanco

Last release on the mIRC and mIRC UPP have a script that causes AntiVir send a popup alart about the TR/Dldr.Stration.

Thanks to mIRC people fixs that problem on mIRC 6.21.

Here is a download to get the mIRC.exe only to replace the mIRC_UPP.exe and the old mIRC.exe. (You don't need the full mIRC installer.)

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