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UPP v2.20 Build 2010.02.07

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UPP 2.x Tutorials:
+ Installation & Autoconnect Settings - by Da_L
+ Importer, Acros, & Backup Modules - by Da_L
+ General Settings part 1 - by PleegWat
+ General Settings part 2 - by PleegWat
+ Setting Up Auto-Identify - by Spaceman-Spiff
+ Fileserver Module - by Da_L (kinda old)

Other Tutorials
Newer tutorials:
+ UPP Tutorial: How to Setup - by Serena-chan
+ UPP Tutorial: How to Leech - by Serena-chan
+ UPP Tutorial: How to Serve - by Serena-chan
Setting Up Auto-Identify
First of all, open Control Panel -> General Settings -> Network tab.

Networks tab - before
If you want to add auto-identify on one of the currently listed networks, double click the network name on the list, or select it, and click Edit.
If you want to add auto-identify on new or unlisted network, click Add.

Edit Network - General
If you clicked Add in the previous step, this window will show blank; therefore, you need to fill in the network name, the example above is done for mIRC-X network.
Next step is to click Add under the "registered nicks" section. And add your registered nickname and password there. Once you've listed all of your usernames and passwords, click the 2nd tab, services.

Edit Network - Services
In this window, you can put a check on everything, assuming the network supports the commands (most networks do). Do NOT change any of the textbox values in this page, UNLESS you know what you're doing. It's best to leave them as the default values. In most cases, you only need to check/uncheck the checkboxes.
Click change when you're done with edit network dialog.

After you return to the networks tab, you can check/uncheck the settings on the right hand side to do auto-identify, auto-ghost, etc.
Networks tab - after

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Written by Spaceman-Spiff.

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